Improving my Working Skills

Tips for working on the computer at:

Windows computer basics at:

Course for Lean Start-up with Steve Blank and Udacity:

MVP – Lesson 2: Value Proposition – How to Build a Startup – Udacity

And I can’t forget the New York City school for artists at:

Fractured U

How about special and important tips from my favorite author and art teacher Alyson Stanfield:

Who to hire to help you at the link below:

Podcast: Relish marketing routines for your art career — Art Biz Blog

Strategic e-marketing: Everything should be connected — Art Biz Blog

And if you want to be rich you cannot ignore the prize winning author and blogger at, Ramit Sethi:

The 80/20 Guide to Finding Your Dream Job : Dream Job

Dream Job

The 3 Biggest Interviewing Mistakes : Dream Job

Negotiation Mini-Course : Dream Job

How to get a raise — including the exact words to use : Dream Job

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